Tata Ace Zip, the revolutionary four-wheel micro truck from Tata Motors is a goods carrier vehicle which offers much more than a three wheeler, including cost-effective transportation of goods for small and medium business enterprises. Unlike a 3 wheeler that can carry only small loads, this Tata mini tempo - the Ace Zip has an official carrying capacity of 600 Kg. The Ace Zip mileage is comparable to any 3 wheeler because of its technically superior engine. With the addition of Tata Ace Zip - a half ton truck - to its range of revolutionary mini trucks, Tata Motors has set new standards in the Indian small cargo vehicle industry. This small cargo truck has a robust design and with a larger loading area of about 2490000 Mm2, the Zip has the capacity to carry larger cargo compared to a 3 wheeler. This small yet smart half ton truck is an ideal goods carrier vehicle for carrying load within the narrow city lanes. This Tata mini tempo is low on maintenance and the total cost of ownership makes it viable for any business.


Zip Means high profits

  • Large 1685 X 1480 X 400 Mm loading area (2490000 Mm2)
  • Higher payload of 600 Kg for better earnings
  • Powerful 11.3 kW water cooled engine with 31 Nm torque
  • Low turning radius of 3500 Mm for easy maneuverability
  • High gradeability

Zip Means low maintenance

  • 3-wheeler like diesel mileage
  • Truck-type, long-life, single-plate dry clutch
  • Bigger 304.8 Mm radial tyres for longer life
  • Longer oil-change intervals at 10,000 kms
  • Sturdy all-steel body
  • Heavy-duty clutch and gear cables
  • 1 Year or 36,000 kms warranty

Zip Means Smooth Journeys

  • Comfortable steering wheel
  • Foot-operated accelerator, brake and clutch
  • Comfortable seats with more head and leg-room
  • Superior protection from noise, vibration and population

Zip Means Total safety

  • Stability of 4-wheels with no front-end lifting
  • 4 bolt wheels for durability and zero bolt-breakage
  • Passed stringent pendulum test for frontal collision
  • Powerful headlights
  • Large windscreen
  • Lockable glove-box

Zip Means a Stylish ride

  • Attractive exteriors
  • Stylish headlamps
  • Trendy dashboard
  • Digital instrument panel
  • Provision for music system